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Having had several months to ponder why legions of fans keep requesting the series add a Waffle House level, Tekken 8 director Katsuhiro Harada still has questions regarding the American Southern Diner chain. Famous for the wild brawls and fisticuffs between staff and patrons that often go viral on social media, Harada seeks to understand the "culture" of Waffle House, perhaps hoping to harness its essence in a future fighting game.

On Twitter, Harada continued to wonder what makes the chain (which claims to serve 2% of all eggs in the United States) so explosive. He shared a particularly raucous clip and wondered, "Why do fights like this between waitstaff and customers happen so often in the restaurant? I have never seen plates and chairs flying around like this, especially in Japan (and the composition is not customer vs. customer, but customer vs. waiter)."

Continuing to pontificate, Harada said that this state of affairs is something he cannot grasp despite claiming to have taken more than 70 business trips to America in his career. Open and optimistic, the connoisseur of brawling concluded: "I don't think it is simply because it is 'open 24 hours and there are many drunks'. What kind of culture is this? I need to learn more about American society…"

At this point, we hope Waffle House leadership sees the opportunity for one of the most incredible brand collaborations ever and that Harada's quest for knowledge continues to bear fruit. In Australia, for example, before the franchise tragically fell out of favour, Sizzler was a popular place for honour duels between drunks, though sadly, staff at the all-you-can-eat salad, pasta, and dessert outlets would rarely get involved. Let us know where your countrymen and women brawl in the comments section below.

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