Monster Hunter Wilds PS5

Capcom knows what its audience wants and is giving it to them in Monster Hunter Wilds, promising some significant additions to the tried and true formula. Intriguingly, as was the case with Resident Evil Village's Lady Dimitriscu, the storied Japanese developer appears to have cracked the code regarding character design, as legions of fans are already gaga over Gemma the Smithy.

Spotted by QuirklessStoner on Twitter (thanks, GamesRadar+), Monster Hunter Wilds has a new tag on Steam: "Dating Sim", in addition to the expected "Action" and "Multiplayer". Tags on Steam are user-generated but are ordered by popularity amongst fans. That means many Monster Hunter Wilds fans are going out of their way to add this tag to the game, perhaps to manifest their heart's deepest desires. As far as we know, Capcom has not added dating sim elements to its eagerly anticipated next game.

As noted by IGN, Gemma was first shown off during last week's State of Play showcase, got about 12 total seconds of screen time, and delivered two lines, but that was more than enough for the gaming audience to become smitten. Predictably, a cottage industry of fan art and cosplay has already begun to spring up around the character. Take a trawl through the comments below to better understand what we're talking about.

Is Capcom on to something with its character design? Did you go on Steam and manually add a "Dating Sim" tag to Monster Hunter Wilds because of Gemma the Smithy? Take a chance on love in the comments section below.