Random: Ikea's Going to Pay Players for Serving Swedish Meatballs in Its Roblox Store 1

Fancy a reminder of how old you’re getting? Take this story emerging out of Roblox: iconic Swedish furniture giant IKEA is going to pay ten successful applicants to operate its virtual store. Applicants will be responsible for helping players pick furniture and serving them meatballs. Just to be clear, those are digital meatballs – all of this will be occurring within Roblox itself.

Incredibly, staff will be paid €14.80/$16.10 per hour, which is comfortably above minimum wage in a number of countries. You can apply for the job on the The Coworker, but you may need to prepare yourself for some tricky questions, like which pixelated furniture would you like to be and how would you handle a deficit in hot dogs while running the IKEA restaurant.

There’s no word on shift lengths or paid holidays, nor is there any confirmation of how long the contract will last. Presumably this is all just a promotional scheme to get websites like ours writing about IKEA. Well, it looks like it’s worked – and to be honest, there are worse ways to make money in Roblox these days.

[source thecoworker.co.uk]