Developer Pollard Studio has just unveiled Karma: The Dark World, a creepy psychological horror adventure for PS5. Running in Unreal Engine 5, the title certainly looks good — well, as good as dystopian megacorps and nasty body horror can look, we suppose.

You play as a Roam agent named Daniel, whose job involves diving into the minds of others to discover the truth about past events. The story will have you exploring two worlds; the real world, which is an oppressive dystopia, and the harrowing world inside other people's heads. The game has two fairly distinct halves to it, then — one where you'll have to deal with an all-powerful corporation and do its bidding, and the other, which presents you with nightmarish horrors.

There's no release date yet, but it looks pretty promising going by what we've seen so far. Are you interested in Karma: The Dark World? Tell us in the comments section below.