PS5 8K
Image: Push Square

No one seems to know when it actually happened, but at some point, Sony removed the big '8K' resolution logo from the PS5's packaging. If you bought a PS5 within a year or two of its launch in 2020, you'll have probably noticed that the box proudly displayed an 8K stamp right alongside the 4K and HDR logos that are still present today.

And of course, now that people have caught on to the 8K claim's disappearance, there's been a bit of an uproar on Reddit and social media (as reported by PSLS). Some are going as far to say that Sony is guilty of false advertising here, since the current-gen console has never properly utilised its 8K functionality.

Indeed, to our knowledge, there's only one PS5 game that supports anything close to 8K resolution, and that's The Touryst; the quirky indie title boasts 8K supersampling.

Anyway, now that the PS5's box no longer touts 8K as a feature, it's assumed that Sony's given up on the dream. What's more, some are suggesting that a potential 8K boost is being saved for the PS5 Pro, which is strongly, strongly rumoured to be launching later this year.

But what did Sony actually say about the PS5's 8K support in the first place? Well, 8K functionality was originally confirmed back in 2019, before the system released. Wired's PS5 blowout article — which included all kinds of technical specs — simply mentioned that the console was capable of pushing 8K.

Still, there's no getting around the fact that 8K was advertised as PS5 feature, it's never really materialised, and now it's gone missing from the console's packaging. Officially, this is what Sony had to say about 8K on the PS5's pre-launch FAQ page: "PS5 is compatible with 8K displays at launch, and after a future system software update will be able to output resolutions up to 8K when content is available, with supported software."

What do you make of this kerfuffle? Has Sony been a bit disingenuous here? Did you ever expect 8K to actually be used for PS5 games? Give us your take in the comments section below.