PS Stars Push Square 1

Engineers at Sony are now actively working on the problems affecting the company's PS Stars reward program, with the service now having been offline for around about two weeks. Reports of user issues began appearing from 5th June, and the PS Stars icon was removed from the PlayStation mobile app shortly afterwards.

The button has now returned, but pressing it returns a simple maintenance page reading: "PlayStation Stars is currently experiencing issues. Our engineers are aware of the issue and are working on a solution."

PS Stars Push Square 2

With the service offline, it means users can't acquire any new PS Stars collectibles or earn redemption points off of their PS Store purchases — including today's new PS Store sale. These points can be traded in for monetary vouchers or full games. Some users speculated the downtime could be related to an upcoming service upgrade, since PS Stars still has no presence whatsoever on PS5, PS4 consoles themselves. However, the maintenance message from Sony very much confirms something has gone wrong on the backend.

Reddit communities have continued to prod PlayStation Support for answers, but since representatives on the other end have little insight into internal messaging and updates at Sony, they're only so much help. One claims "you won't lose any reward points" while another tells a user to wait until PS Stars is back up and running before buying anything to ensure they receive PS Stars points.

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