PS Stars Push Square 1

PS Stars, the rewards program on PS5 and PS4 that lets users earn points and digital collectibles, has been completely inaccessible for the past few days. Players began getting errors when clicking on the PS Stars icon from the PlayStation phone app, and now today the button has disappeared completely. It means nobody can complete PS Stars Campaigns, redeem their points, or earn collectibles.

Usually, the PS Stars program can be accessed by clicking on its icon in the top-right corner of the PlayStation app, next to the buttons for your notifications and settings. However, as proven by our own testing and the screenshot below, the option has now disappeared:

PS Stars Push Square 2

Gaming forums like ResetEra and our own and the PS Stars Reddit have been discussing the issue and trying to obtain answers from Playstation support, with the best response the company can muster up being that engineers are looking into the problem. Some users speculate the removal may be related to an imminent update — the program still can't be used on PS5, PS4 consoles, for example — but access to the entire program isn't usually taken away for something like that.

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