Jet Set Radio-esque cycling delivery sim Parcel Corps has been on our wishlist for quite some time, and now it has an expected arrival date: 3rd September, 2024. That’s going to be a big day, because it also happens to be the release date for the upcoming Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions game – you may want to make a note on your calendar so you can plan accordingly, eh?

In a typically tongue-in-cheek trailer, developer Billy Goat Entertainment once again riffs on the corporate dystopia that comprises a central theme of the release. “Slip into the spandex of one of nine playable bicycle couriers and prepare to earn top dollar for your board of directors,” the blurb explains. “Representing one of three rival courier companies, wallride your way into a handful of delivery missions and the fast-paced, no-holds-barred Delivery Rush mode to prove your biking talents.”