As a lifelong Alice in Wonderland uber-fan with multiple tattoos and t-shirts to prove it, FuturLab is targeting this author specifically with its latest PowerWash Simulator DLC. Due out this summer, the Alice’s Adventures Special Pack will see you washing your way down the rabbit hole and cleaning up Wonderland. No, this isn’t a dream.

“The once vivid kingdom of Wonderland has found itself doused in detritus – the calamitous aftermath of the biggest threat the realm has ever seen… a curious little girl,” the press release reads. “Take a trip down the rabbit hole to uncover a topsy-turvy, swizzy, whirly world of psychedelic colours, maximalist décor and larger than life locales.”

There’ll be five locations added as part of the expansion: Wonderland’s Entrance Hall, White Rabbit‘s House, Caterpillar’s Mushroom, Mad Tea Party, and Queen of Heart’s Court. You’ll also be able to unlock a new outfit, power washer, and pair of gloves as a reward for owning the add-on. Check out a trailer embedded above for a closer look at what to expect.