Balatro PS5 PS4 PlayStation

Indie hit Balatro is currently holding all the cards and, in a masterful flourish, is releasing the game physically on PS5 and PS4. There is no word on a release date yet, but punters can expect each Special Edition to come with a pack of Joker/booster cards to play with, even when away from the game.

Filthy rich solo dev and creator of the game, who goes by localthunk on Twitter, announced the news, and revealed the Switch box art for the game. In the comments, localthunk laments the PEGI 18 rating the game was slapped with but has accepted the ruling. If you didn't know, there is no actual gambling in Balatro, but the gameplay is Poker-based, which temporarily caused the game to be removed from console stores at launch.

Will you chase a Full House with Balatro's physical Special Edition? Have you played the phenomenon of this subversive card game? Let us know in the comments section below.

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