Phantom Blade Zero PS5 PlayStation

The upcoming PS5 action RPG Phantom Blade Zero will buck Soulslike conventions, and developer S-GAME has affirmed the "kungfupunk" title is looking to stand out from the crowded sub-genre. The added info comes via a Q&A answer reveal on Twitter following the game's playable showing at Summer Game Fest.

Top of the list, the developer stresses the goal for the game was always "combo-driven, heart-pumping combat that is hectic, rewarding, and exhilarating". While inspiration for things like multi-layered maps offering multiple approaches, full of secret nooks and crannies, the studio freely admits pulls from FromSoftware's Dark Souls series, Phantom Blade Zero offers multiple difficulty options, and enemies won't respawn on death, or after interacting with checkpoints.

S-GAME stresses that, despite what some press outlets are reporting, Phantom Blade Zero is not exclusive to PS5 and is coming to PC as well. Further, it reveals that the long-awaited demo of the game is not ready to be released to the masses, and when it does, will be offline only. The developer candidly admits that it's noted framerate issues and occasional crashes in the playable build at SGF.

What do you think of Phantom Blade Zero? Does it sound like a breath of fresh air after so many Soulslike games have been released in the last few years, or like this self-flagellating scribe, do you wish there were even more? Let us know in the comments section below.