Forgive us, we almost forgot Sea of Thieves is now also a PS5 game. Rare showcased Season 13 during the Xbox Showcase earlier this week, and we’ve just remembered the title is on Sony’s system, therefore we’re behest to write some kind of post. Not due out until 25th July, the update will include an all-new world event which will quite literally allow you to become the villain, as you commandeer Flameheart’s flagship.

To be honest, this is little more than a tease for now, with more information expected closer to release. Of course, it’s not going to do any real harm to the title’s popularity, which has been selling like crazy since it plundered PlayStation earlier in the year. To say the title’s been given a new lease of life would be an understatement – it rocketed up over 100 places in the most recent Circana sales report.