Octopath Traveler

The original Octopath Traveler, first released as a Nintendo Switch exclusive in 2018 and then later ported to Xbox One and PC, has received PS5, PS4 age ratings in Taiwan. They've been given ratings alongside already confirmed ports of its sequel Octopath Traveler II for Xbox Series X|S, suggesting the late versions of the original title could be real. With the Summer Game Fest live show set for Friday, this could be a shadow drop announcement.

The situation surrounding the release platforms of the Octopath Traveler series has always been a confusing one, with PlayStation fans, for example, getting the second instalment but missing the first — until now, perhaps. Meanwhile, Xbox systems received a late port of the first game but are still waiting for the second title to arrive. This confusion will all be cleared up if Octopath Traveler 1 really is coming to PS5, PS4 in the future.

In an interview we conducted with producer Masashi Takahashi last year, he said the decision not to release the original experience was based on "sales of other titles". We then asked if PS5, PS4 versions of the original were ever considered, to which Takahashi responded: "We did look into it. However, we wanted to focus all our efforts on developing Octopath Traveler II."

Now some time has passed since the sequel's release, it seems Square Enix may be going back and getting the original title up and running on PlayStation hardware. Neither of the two games are connected story-wise, so you won't have any issues jumping into the first game if you've already played the second.

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