Soulslikes are beginning to feel like that old Oprah meme, eh? You get a Soulslike, you get a Soulslike – everyone gets a Soulslike! Still, if you’re currently feeling starved of Souslikes, we have great news: the previously announced Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn is due on 18th July for PS5, and pre-orders are available now.

Here’s a full overview from the press release: “Players start their journey in Three Peaks where they learn to use steel weapons and guns, master parrying, powder jumps and powder dodges as they embark on a quest to kill the Gods. Battles are rhythmic and combat is fast and fluid with the best attacks coming from chaining combos together. Working with Enki adds another dimension where using his magic unlocks the ability to ‘prime’ enemies. With each hit the magical gauge fills and when fully primed, players can land critical attacks to remove armour from tougher enemies or kill them with one devastating hit.

“Each encounter earns ‘reputation’ which can be used to upgrade weapons and armour and unlock new skills belonging to one of three paths - Powder, Magic or Steel. In addition, the demo enables players to challenge themselves on the demanding Possessed difficulty mode, ideal for those who desire a greater test of skill after mastering the combat.”

Physical editions will be available from select retailers, and come with the full game, a digital art book and soundtrack, and some in-game cosmetic DLC.