Atlus' second Metaphor: ReFantazio showcase has just come to a close, and if you've been itching to see more of the game's intense combat system, you're in for a treat. The 20-minute video covers just about everything you need to know with regards to the RPG's hybrid battles, which combine an (optional) action-based opening phase with a turn-based core.

Just like in the Shin Megami Tensei and Persona games, you'll need to exploit enemy weaknesses in order to gain extra turns, so party composition in key. This is where the title's robust job — or Archetype — system comes into play, which consists of over 40 character classes split between 14 categories. You can change the Archetype of every party member, not just the protagonist, which means there should be lots of room for experimentation.

All in all, Metaphor continues to look ridiculously promising ahead of its October release date. Will you be diving into this fantastical RPG later in the year? Get down to that insane battle theme in the comments section below.