In a new episode of the Metal Gear: Production Hotline series on YouTube, Konami has revealed a brief look at how the camo and healing systems of Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater have been upgraded over the original. Detailed in the video above, both features go significantly more in-depth than the PS2 version, with visible marks left on Big Boss' body and clothing.

For the camo system specifically, it's said that "falling leaves will stick to your clothes", crawling through mud "leaves stains", and you'll notice "tears and bullet holes" in your clothing after taking damage. These little details all appear in "realtime, based on your gameplay".

Then there's the cure mechanic, which in the original game allowed you to treat Big Boss' wounds by applying the right ointments and bandages. This feature has been updated to where even after healing Big Boss, scars will be left behind on his body. Continuing further into the video, you'll learn more about the updated controls and new visual filters.

Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater has looked better and better with every new trailer and update from Konami, but we are still without a release date. It was hoped the game would release this year, but with the Summer Game Fest season now passed, it seems unlikely a 2024 launch is on the cards. 2025 seems a safe bet at this point.

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