Lords of the Fallen 2

A sequel to last year's Lords of the Fallen is in the works, and it's currently aiming for a 2026 release. How do we know this? Well, because a new business filing from publisher CI Games straight up says that it's happening. The project itself hasn't been announced or revealed yet, but the plans are right there, in print, on Polish financial site Bankier.

The filing is more about CI Games' confirmation that Epic Games will have exclusive distribution rights to the sequel on PC, but it still has to out the game in order to make all of this official.

For the record, the filing only refers to the title as "the sequel of the game 'Lords of the Fallen'". Its codename is apparently "Project 3". And just in case there was any doubt, the text also confirms that it's coming to PS5.

2023's Lords of the Fallen, not to be confused with its PS4 predecessor, Lords of the Fallen (yes, it goes by the same name), was met with many a positive review when it first launched — and it's only gotten better through updates. The action RPG sold quite well, too, so it isn't a huge shock to hear that a sequel is in the pipeline.

Did you play Lords of the Fallen (2023)? What do you want from a sequel? Grab a massive hammer and get swinging in the comments section below.

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