Following its announcement a few days ago, Square Enix has hosted a livestream for Life Is Strange: Double Exposure, the Deck Nine developed sequel starring Max Caulfield. In it, it delves into all the game’s details, including its setting, story, and superpowers. Effectively, this is another detective game, albeit with a college campus backdrop this time around.

Having suppressed her rewind abilities, the protagonist finds herself thrust into a situation where her best friend is murdered, and she can toggle between two parallel universes. This means she’s able to forge relationships across two timelines: one where her pal Saffi is still alive, and another where she’s dead. With the killer still at large in the former reality, she’ll need to use her powers to catch them.

As you’d expect, there’ll be massive decisions to make along the way, including those which pick up the thread from the first game. While you won’t be able to import your progress – a reasonable decision considering some may have lost their save files – an early conversation will allow you to quickly outline your choices from the original, making them canon.

Of course, this is still a Life Is Strange game, so you can expect a banging soundtrack, tons of sentimentality, and lots of teen vibes. The facial animation is incredible, and the art style – with its snowy campus setting – look on point as always. Aside from the decision to allow Ultimate Edition owners to play the first two episodes early, we’re enthused by what we’ve seen of this thus far.