LEGO Horizon Adventures Is on Nintendo Switch Because It's a Game 'For Everyone' 1

While LEGO Horizon Adventures was rumoured shortly before its official unveiling, the announcement trailer still managed to surprise everyone watching. As the game's fun debut came to a close, the platforms faded in, and we saw not just PS5 and PC, which were expected, but also Nintendo Switch. While Sony has brought its annual MLB The Show series to Switch the last few years, Horizon is one of its tentpole exclusive franchises, and we were very surprised to see it confirmed for another console.

In order to find out the reasons why, we ran the question by Guerrilla Games' narrative director James Windeler at Summer Game Fest Play Days. The answer we received shouldn't come as much of a surprise; it turns out the development teams simply wanted the game to reach more people.

"When we approached this game, we wanted to make sure that it was for everyone," Windeler says. "[That philosophy] has informed every creative decision, and bringing [LEGO Horizon Adventures] to Nintendo Switch is part of that."

He continues: "We're trying to bring as broad an audience as possible to this game and to the franchise. And the Switch has a family-friendly audience, and it's a really good fit in order to expand."

Windeler also speaks about how he personally is looking forward to experiencing the game with friends and family across its various platforms. "With this game, I can play on the couch with my wife, I can play with my hardcore Horizon friends on the other side of the world [online], and now I can also play with my nieces, who are 11 and 8. A lot of the games I've worked on, I haven't really had the opportunity to play with them, because our games are for older audiences. I'm really excited to see how they engage with the humour, and with Aloy as a protagonist and all that."

That's about it, then. Studio Gobo and Guerrilla Games simply wanted to have the game reach a wider group of players, and seeing as the game is this family-friendly take on the series, bringing the game to Nintendo Switch makes sense in that regard.

What do you think of a Horizon game coming to the Switch? Where will you be playing LEGO Horizon Adventures? Let us know in the comments section below.