2XKO PS5 PlayStation

Riot Game's upcoming League of Legends fighter 2XKO is gearing up for its first round of at-home playtesting, which it's calling Alpha Lab. Playable on PS5, you can get in on the action in August, provided you live in one of seven eligible countries. If you're interested in throwing hands, sign-ups are open now, and the playest is tentatively scheduled for 8th August through until the 19th.

Riot says that fighting fans in the US, Canada, UK, France, Brazil, Japan, and Mexico can jump in while it's still early enough to make real changes to the game. They're pretty upfront about the state of the game, too, so that you know what you are potentially getting into: "2XKO is still in an unpolished state, but the team's hope is that by giving you our first draft — jank and all — we'll have time to cook before the game launches in 2025."

Will you dive into the Alpha Lab playest for Riot Game's 2XKO? What's going on with that name, anyway? Let us know in the comments section below.

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