Sony CEOs Statement
Image: Push Square

Having officially started in their roles as Sony Interactive Entertainment CEOs on the 1st June, Hideaki Nishino and Herman Hulst have issued a joint statement on the company's official website. In short, the pair see this as the beginning of a new era for PlayStation, and write that we're now in "a truly exciting time" with regards to the future of the brand.

"The PlayStation community is at the heart of everything we do," reads the statement. "While we don’t always get things right, we always listen, learn, and grow and adapt. Thank you for being with us these past thirty years. We appreciate our community and we want to be transparent and share what we can about our exciting new organizational structure."

"We believe it’s never been more important for the leadership at SIE to step back, review our business holistically, and move forward with a new structure designed to bring out the best in the organization and deliver increasingly incredible experiences," it continues.

The post ends with a copy of an email that was recently sent out to all SIE employees. "We would like to take a moment to express our excitement for this new challenge. We have both been with the organization for many years and in that time, we’ve seen the industry, and SIE, expand by leaps and bounds," it explains.

It concludes: "This is a truly exciting time with great opportunities to expand the boundaries of play."

We're obviously several years into the current console generation with the PS5 approaching its fourth anniversary, so it'll be interesting to see if there's a noticeable change in tone or direction over the next few years. Indeed, corporations as big as Sony will have plans laid out well into the future, but as is alluded in the above statement, the new CEOs will be approaching the business from a relatively fresh perspective.

What do you think's in store for PlayStation in the not-too-distant future? What are your thoughts on the new CEOs? Start making reasonable demands in the comments section below.