Devolver Digital has announced it'll be porting the recently released and well-received Pepper Grinder to PS5 and PS4 in August. An experience all about gaining momentum by drilling through surfaces and then propelling yourself through 2D levels, it comes to Sony consoles after a Nintendo Switch launch in March. Having earned a Metacritic rating of 78 the first time out, the PS5, PS4 ports arrive on 6th August 2024. Check out the reveal trailer above.

The game cost $14.99 on Nintendo Switch, so expect a similar pricepoint on PS5, PS4. Our sister site Nintendo Life had a review for the game when it first debuted, awarding a 9/10 rating. "Pepper Grinder is a wonderfully inventive and fun platformer that no fan of the genre will want to miss out on," the outlet concluded. "It may have a runtime that feels a little too short, but this is ultimately a deeply enjoyable, challenging, and highly replayable game with lots of personality."

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