Here Comes a New Challenger! M. Bison Enters the Fray in Street Fighter 6 on PS5, PS4 1

Here he is: the fallen dictator has joined the fracas in Street Fighter 6 on PS5 and PS4. Following fast in the footsteps of Akuma, the addition of M. Bison kickstarts a whole new season of content for Capcom’s outstanding Street Fighter 6. As revealed in the trailer embedded above, the character comes with all-new World Tour content, an Arcade story to complete, and a bunch of themed World Tour events and additions.

Despite his new default threads here – his original suit is also available as an alternative outfit – M. Bison is among the most famous fighting game characters, having debuted as the villain in Street Fighter II. The antagonist, who’s known as Vega in Japan, is the head of an underground crime syndicate named Shadaloo, with his ultimate goal being to rule the governments around the world.

His story in Street Fighter 6 is a little different, however, as he’s cast as an amnesiac, uncertain of his past. However, he still possesses many of his iconic moves from previous titles. Will you be putting M. Bison through his paces? Join a seedy crime syndicate in the comments section below.