Final Fantasy 16 Patch 1.33

A new update for Final Fantasy 16 has landed, and to say it's minor would probably be an understatement. Patch 1.33 adds colour-coding to custom controller layouts in order to "improve visibility", and it fixes some very specific issues that most players won't even know exist.

While it's nice that the action RPG is still being supported — ahead of its inevitable PC port, it should be noted — we're still a bit miffed that the game's frame rate problems were never properly addressed. Now look, Final Fantasy 16's performance is solid where it truly matters, as the title's able to maintain 60 frames-per-second in most combat scenarios — but outside of battle, the adventure still suffers from noticeable frame rate dips that detract from an otherwise gorgeous release.

We're going to bet that the all-but-confirmed PS5 Pro will finally push Clive's journey to where it should be in terms of technical prowess, but it's still such a shame that these problems will likely remain on the base console.

Are you still playing Final Fantasy 16? Dare we ask if you've been waiting for frame rate improvements after all this time? We won't blame you for giving up hope in the comments section below.