Farming Simulator 25 Grows Up with East Asian Environment on PS5 1

Farming Simulator 25 is bringing the biggest ever agricultural outing to PS5 later this year, from 12th November. The enormous experience will feature more than 400 machines, tons of new crops, and a unique landscape, inspired by East Asia. Environments based on Europe and North America will also return, enhanced by advanced gameplay and fresh livestock.

The press release reveals: “Building their legacy single-handedly or cooperatively in multiplayer, [players] can now grow two types of rice, spinach, and other new crops – choosing from well over 20 overall. Buffalos and other animals join the livestock pens, while new production chains and constructions extend business opportunities.”

According to the reveal, the title will feature a complete tech overhaul, with “improved graphics and physics based on the latest and modding-friendly GIANTS Engine 10: distance fog, enhanced shadows, dynamic weather effects, ground deformation and more boost the immersion of a romantic farming life”.

Farming Simulator 25 Grows Up with East Asian Environment on PS5 5

Annoyingly, a PC-exclusive Collector’s Edition will include a 16-bit SEGA Genesis-inspired version of the game, although it doesn’t look like this will be available on PS5. However, a Season Pass roadmap promises innovative new machinery and an entire map, which looks to be inspired by the serene English countryside judging by the artwork.

While more details are scheduled to be announced in the coming months, you can watch a cinematic trailer above to help get you in the mood.