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Fallout 76 players and fans of Amazon's excellent adaptation rejoice! Presumably, due to the success of the show and the fandom's love for Walton Goggins’ gunslinging character, The Ghoul, Bethesda has revealed that players will be able to do a ton of drugs and drink dirty water when the race is added as a playable class in 2025.

That's according to Fallout 76 creative director Johnathon Rush, who spoke to IGN and explained how survival in the Wasteland is turned on its head when you have nuclear fallout running in your veins: "You get hurt, and you get some radiation, go drink some dirty water, you'll heal. Radiation will also be positioned to have other very striking benefits, punctuated a bit more by the dozens of ghoul-specific perk cards that we're going to be adding."

Rush elaborates on how this will affect players' play, as going the Ghoul route will reduce the need for protective gear like Power Armour, freeing up a bunch of perk points to use on the unique ones being added to the game: "A player who doesn't wear Power Armor has just freed up a ton of perk points they can use in a whole bunch of different other ways, which is a whole different play style in itself. And you layer on all the perk cards, and it's going to be cool." Before you go hocking all your hard-won salvage, it's probably worth mentioning that the Ghoul class will be locked behind a level 50 requirement.

Are you down to consume human flesh, bathe in filthy water, and become a Ghoul in Fallout 76? Go feral in the comments section below.

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