Evo 2024 Player Numbers

Evo 2024 is fast approaching, and it's clear this this year's event is going to be utterly massive. Yep, the world's biggest fighting game gathering just got even bigger, as it's been confirmed that Evo 2024 will host more unique competitors than any previous competition. In fact, it'll have the most registered players in any esports event ever.

The record for most unique competitors has long been held by Evo 2016, which managed to attract 9,833 players. However, Evo 2024 expects to welcome a whopping 10,224 entrants, which is, in a word, mental. Just thinking about having to organise multiple fighting game tournaments for that many people fills us with dread.

Evo says that it'll soon release the individual numbers for each game featured at this year's event — and those statistics always make for an interesting read. We already know, for example, that Tekken 8 will have the biggest Tekken tournament in Evo history.

Evo 2024 kicks off on the 19th July, and wraps up on the 21st July. But will you be watching this year's tournaments? Don't you dare drop that combo in the comments section below.

[source evo.gg]