The recently confirmed PS5, PS4 remaster of Nintendo Wii exclusive Epic Mickey will release for Sony consoles on 24th September 2024, it's been announced. Disney Epic Mickey: Rebrushed will cost £49.99 / $59.99, with pre-orders live on the PS Store now.

If you pre-order, you'll gain 24 hours of early access from 23rd September and a costume pack featuring custom outfits for Mickey like Steamboat Willie and Brave Little Tailor. The bundle will also be available separately for $4.99.

"Disney Epic Mickey: Rebrushed brings the magic of Disney to life in a vibrant 3D platformer. This beautiful remake sends Mickey Mouse on an epic journey through Wasteland, a realm of forgotten Disney characters," the PS Store pre-order page reveals. "As Mickey, you will dive into a fantastical world and, armed with paint and thinner, shape your adventure and the fate of this alternate world."

First released on the Nintendo Wii, it garnered a fairly positive response, with 78 critic reviews concluding in a Metacritic rating of 73. Our sister site Nintendo Life awarded a 7/10 rating at the time and concluded: "Epic Mickey promised a big story set in the Disney universe that offered players a wide range of choices and rewarding game play and for the most part, the game delivered on every one of those promises." Fast forward 14 years and this remake is said to improve the experience across the board.

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