Embracer Group Reportedly Closes Alone in the Dark Developer Pieces Interactive 1

Pieces Interactive, the developer behind the recent PS5 title Alone in the Dark, is no more. Embracer Group has seemingly shuttered the studio, just a few months after the game's launch back in March of this year.

Over on the developer's official website, it now features an image and statement on the homepage confirming its closure. Pieces Interactive existed from 2007 to 2024, and while its biggest single title probably was Alone in the Dark, it'll also be known for its contributions to the Magicka series, among others. "Thanks for playing with us," the image solemnly states.

While there are things to like about the new spin on Alone in the Dark, the game broadly failed to resonate with critics, and sales of the game were said to be low as well.

As reported by GamesIndustry last month, Embracer CEO Lars Wingefors said the reimagining of the horror classic "performed below management expectations", which is likely to be the main reasoning for shutting down the studio. "I believe Alone in the Dark was a quality product, and [the developers] went all in to deliver on that," he said. "It's very unfortunate to see that it didn't catch enough consumers out there willing to engage again in that IP and product. It's just a brutal truth. It was a big investment and, ultimately, we need to get those right." Embracer Group acquired Pieces Interactive in 2017.

It's another sad story in a very turbulent time for the industry. We wish all those affected the best.

[source piecesinteractive.se, via gamesindustry.biz]