It’s been a busy week so we’re a little late out of the shotgun with this one, but EA Sports College Football is shaping up to be something special. The game – in development for eons and due out in a matter of weeks – is poised to be the best American football game in ages, with some truly awesome gameplay improvements that we hope make the transition to Madden NFL as well.

Some of the headline mechanics include a “wear and tear” system, which will force you to manage the fitness, fatigue, and health of your players as they take hits and make mistakes. Pre-snap recognition will allow you to make more tactical adjustments on the fly, as you read the defence of your opponents and tweak accordingly. Meanwhile, home field advantage will transform the way you play on the road.

All of this will be accompanied by some ground breaking presentation, which captures all the pomp and ceremony of the college game. You can expect over 100 licensed schools, and in the main campaign mode, Dynasty, you’ll be tasked with building your own programme and taking it to the very top. You’ll also be able to live the life of a student athlete in Road to Glory.

You can find out much more about the gameplay and features of EA Sports College Football through here, which includes a breakdown of all the new systems and mechanics in the game. Will you be enrolling on this highly promising outing? Let us know in the comments section below.