Dragon Ball Sparking Zero DLC Season Pass

Whether we like it or not, hefty DLC offerings have become a staple of modern fighting games, and Dragon Ball: Sparking! Zero is following the trend. In fact, it might actually be pushing the trend even further beyond what we've grown used to, because it's set to add over 20 characters to its already massive roster via post-launch DLC.

According to a new overview from Bandai Namco, there'll be a day one season pass for Zero that includes three DLC packs with the 20-something characters split between them. An accompanying graphic suggests that these characters will be from the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie and the Dragon Ball Daima anime series.

Again, Zero already promises more playable characters than you're ever likely to use. The base roster is expected to be made up of a whopping 164 fighters from across the franchise. Throw in another 20 and we're creeping dangerously close to 200 characters, which is mental.

How do you feel about season passes in fighting games? Don't even try to pick a main in the comments section below.

[source eurogamer.net]