DON'T NOD Delays the Promising Lost Records on PS5 to Avoid New Life Is Strange 1

DON’T NOD created Life Is Strange, but it’s no longer the steward of the series, which is owned by Square Enix. The latest entry, Double Exposure, developed by Deck Nine, is due out on 29th October – roughly the same time as Lost Records: Bloom & Rage, the spiritual successor to the franchise DON’T NOD birthed. Now, the French firm has announced it’s delaying its game into 2025, in order to give both narrative adventures the space they need to breathe.

“We know that many of our fans are eagerly awaiting this game, just as they are the recently announced next instalment of Life is Strange,” CEO Oskar Guilbert candidly admitted. “Let's give both titles the space they need to be enjoyed by our players within the large community we have built. We firmly believe that the wait for Bloom & Rage will be worth it. We look forward to sharing this new adventure, which we hope will become another memorable chapter in the DON'T NOD universe.”

It's probably a smart decision from DON’T NOD, because there will be overlap between the audiences of the two titles, but Life Is Strange obviously has much bigger brand recognition behind it. Hopefully both games deliver, because personally we really enjoy these narrative-led adventures.