Ivy Road, a new indie developer headed by The Stanley Parable’s Davey Wreden and Tacoma’s Karla Zimonja, is brewing up a cosy narrative game for PS5 – and it’s called Wanderstop, with PS5 one of the targeted platforms. “Playing as a fallen fighter named Alta, you’ll manage a tea shop within a magical forest and tend to the customers who pass through,” the blurb reads. “But Alta does not want to be here. And if she gets her way, the tea shop will be nothing but a brief and painful memory.”

You’ll need to harvest ingredients to brew your tea, and chat with your customers. It’s being pitched as a cosy game, where you can decorate your shop or do nothing if you desire. But that life sim aspect seems like it’ll be central to the story: “Alta can’t be here. This isn’t who she is. No, she’s a fighter! Why would anyone insist on turning the world’s greatest championship warrior into a docile shopkeeper?! With everything she’s capable of?? No no no, she won’t, she won’t do it… she can’t…”

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