Cosy PS5, PS4 Life Sim Disney Dreamlight Valley Bags a Bunch of New Content 1

At what point does Disney Dreamlight Valley surpass Animal Crossing? Look, we know the Nintendo slice of life sim has an unmatchable art style that’s pretty hard to surpass, but the live service leanings of Gameloft’s cosy licensed alternative mean it’s grown at a pace Tom Nook could only dream of. There’s certainly much more to look forward to on a seasonal basis anyway.

Take the latest Lucky Dragon update, which is available on PS5 and PS4 now. It features an entirely new realm, inspired by Disney Princess Mulan. “Arriving in a training camp that has seen better days, under Mushu’s guidance, you’ll dress the part of a recruit and start working out both your muscles and magic by tidying things up,” the blurb reads.

Once you’ve completed all the new quests, Mulan and Mushu will happily move to your valley – and as is consistent with the game, you’ll need to befriend both. “Mushu has plenty of Guardian business to attend to – but he’ll need your help in setting up his Dragon Temple first. Mulan, on the other hand, discovers a core flaw in your Valley – a significant lack of tea.”

The new characters and content will be accompanied by a Mulan-themed Star Path, as well as a Lilo and Stitch bundle. And that’s not all, a new event scheduled to run until 17th July will celebrate the release of Inside Out 2. You’ll need to search your Valley to “collect Riley's hockey gear, trophies, and birthday cakes to spawn Core Memory Shards”. Completing the event will unlock exclusive Critters.

This is all in addition to a bunch of bug fixes, quality of life improvements, and in-game items, many of which can be purchased from Scrooge McDuck’s store. With so much to do, how are you keeping on top of Disney Dreamlight Valley’s copious amounts of content? Let us know in the comments section below.