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Firewalk Studio's upcoming shooter Concord will reportedly require a PSN account, which aligns with Sony's demonstrated strategy. Starting first with the multiplayer hit Helldivers 2 and then again with the single-player epic Ghost of Tsushima's Legends multiplayer component, the firm seems quite committed to making prospective PC players create and link to PSN, no matter how furiously they might protest.

That's according to reputable insider Billbil-kun, who now writes exclusively for the news-breaking French outlet Dealabs (thanks, PSU), who reports: "Following our latest investigations, we can confirm that connecting with a PSN account will be mandatory to access the Concord game whether on Steam or the Epic Games Store."

While that might not seem like a massive deal to PS5 players, it's another hurdle ahead of the game, another arrow in the quiver of detractors. Reasonably priced at an apparent $40, the game's reveal at last week's State of Play showcase didn't go over incredibly well with core gamers, who appear to be increasingly tired of service games and familiar tropes.

How do you feel about Concord? Will you be giving it a shot? Let us know in the comments section below.

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