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The apocalyptic survival strategy game Frostpunk 2 has been delayed following a cooler-than-anticipated response from beta participants. Developer, 11 Bit Studios, has decided to delay the game's release from 25th July to 20th September (with console ports to follow), promising to address the "many keen observations on areas we could improve or add to the final game".

Players who preordered the game's deluxe edition could participate in a week-long play session covering 300 in-game weeks of sandbox mode. While reactions to the game were largely positive, and "there was a lot of praise for the game", it wasn't exactly the response you'd hope for from a sequel to one of the most influential, beloved city-builders in recent memory.

In a post on Steam, the developer explained: " As we analyzed your feedback and prioritized things we want to add to the game, we realized that to properly do them justice—and to guarantee the best possible experience at launch—we need more time to finish the development of Frostpunk 2."

We hope a couple more months out of the cold is enough to get Frostpunk 2 where it needs to be. Were you a fan of the first game? Are you looking forward to the sequel? Let us know in the comments section below.