Arranger: A Role Puzzling Adventure was only announced a short time ago, but it's now locked in a release date on PS5. The adorable RPG/puzzler hybrid launches 25th July, 2024.

For those out of the loop, Arranger is a game about Jemma, who moves along a grid-based world in which movement is quite unique. As you move, all tiles in the same column or row as you will move along with you.

It's this unusual, sliding puzzle-like traversal that informs the game's environmental design and puzzles; to use an object, you just move towards it and it'll move towards what you need to interact with, unlocking a door with a key for instance. We can imagine this core mechanic being used in all sorts of interesting ways.

Alongside the interesting puzzles is a storyline to follow, though — this is billed as an RPG of sorts, so expect to visit towns, talk to all kinds of characters, help them out with problems, explore dungeons, and so on.

The visuals are brought to life by David Hellman, who's best known as the artist on Braid, while writing duties fall to Nick Suttner, who contributed to works like Carto, Jett: The Far Shore, and Guacamelee! 2.

We're pretty excited about this one, but what do you think? Are you interested in Arranger? Slide into the comments section below.