If you can remember Captain Blood, a hack and slash action game that was originally set to release on the original Xbox all the way back in 2006, then you probably deserve some kind of prize. The title was actually cancelled after numerous reworks, but fascinatingly, the full thing was leaked over a decade later — and reportedly, it can still be found and downloaded if you go looking for it.

Anyway, Captain Blood is coming back. Developer SeaWolf Studio is finally, officially releasing the game after all this time, and it's promising a combination of the title's "original glory" and "a series of modern improvements for today's gamers". And yes, it still looks very PS2 — in a good way!

Captain Blood is sailing to PS5 and PS4 this autumn / fall. Do you remember this one at all? Will you be giving this revival a shot? Try to avoid swashbuckling swordfights in the comments section below.