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Destiny 2 developer Bungie has acknowledged its unfortunate situation ahead of the launch of the game's final DLC expansion, The Final Shape, tomorrow, on 4th June. In a stunning own-goal, The Final Shape was "accidentally pushed live on PS5's streaming service", and spoilers for this decade-spanning story arc are now being shared online.

On Twitter, Bungie posted its mea culpa, affirming that "a small group of players were able to play the campaign, access Collections, and other rewards info coming in The Final Shape". The developer says it is "always extremely difficult when our team's hard work is leaked early" and asks the community to be considerate of others and report leaks "so players can experience the conclusion of the Light and Darkness saga themselves".

Bungie declined to explain how exactly the expansion became live for players to access in the first place, so we are left to imagine an intern casually leaning against a lever marked "The Final Shape—Do Not Pull". On Reddit, the community is in complete free fall, with moderators attempting to put out fires as they spring up. Misinformation is rife, but it seems clear that legitimate spoilers are now in the wild. There is even growing speculation that this snafu might actually be on Sony, as routing players to the correct servers seems to be something the platform holder should ensure.

Are you surprised to see The Final Shape leak ahead of launch? If so, take shelter in the relative safety of the lovingly moderated comments section below.