Bubsy Is Back in the Purrfect Collection on PS5 1

Forgotten platforming furry Bubsy is on the cusp of making another comeback, in the Purrfect Collection on PS5. This one is being repurposed using Limited Run Games’ Carbon Engine, and promises to explore the “franchise’s troubled history and enduring popularity”. That includes infamous PS1 stinker Bubsy 3D, which was developed by Days Gone maker Bend Studio.

“Bubsy in: The Purrfect Collection is a playable history that includes games, artifacts and interviews,” the press release reads. “All of the games have been carefully updated for modern PCs and consoles using Limited Run’s proprietary Carbon Engine. Along the way the team was able to smooth out some of the games’ rough edges.”

There’s no specific release date just yet, but the title’s due out at some point in 2025. As this is a Limited Run Games joint, you can also expect a physical edition to deploy alongside the digital version, with more information to follow in the future.