Black Salt Games’ outstanding Cthulhu-tinged angling adventure Dredge will be adding additional content in the form of the Iron Rig from 16th August. The expansion – which follows on from last year’s glacial The Pale Reach – will cost £11.99/$11.99, and will see additional content incorporated into each location from the core game.

Here’s what the blurb explains: “Intended to be started at any time during their Dredge adventure, players will work with the Ironhaven Corporation and collect resources to build a formidable base of operations, unlocking new tiers of equipment, abilities, gadgets, and consumables.”

The overview continues: “As the drilling operation on the rig intensifies, something stirs in the primordial depths. A dark liquid begins to seep into familiar and once-safe areas of the game, transforming them into perilous zones. Players must carefully assess the impact of this mysterious substance on local fish species, unveiling peculiar specimens from the abyssal depths as they go about adding more than 50 new fish to the game’s encyclopaedia.”

Alongside the new DLC, publisher Team 17 is also releasing a physical Collector’s Edition for the title which will include the base game alongside all existing DLC, as well as a reversible cover, a 10cm Sign of Ruin talisman, a double-sided poster, a map, a complete compendium of all fish in the game, a message in a bottle, and a metal doubloon coin all housed in a layered box. Pre-orders are live through here for £99.99/$99.99.