Bloodborne Inspired Kart Racing Game Is Free Now on Steam 1

The likeable Bloodborne-inspired arcade racing game Nightmare Kart, renamed due to legal intervention from Sony, is available to download and play for free right now on Steam. The game, which is not shy about its inspirations, includes a complete single player campaign, with 21 racers, 13 karts, 15 tracks, and split-screen multiplayer. It’s already attracted overwhelmingly positive reviews, and been downloaded over 130k times.

The title’s designed to look like an old 32-bit title, so it’ll give you PS1 nostalgia if you decide to give it a go. There are no microtransactions or loot boxes or anything like that: this is just a fan-made project that’s completely free for you to try. We’ve had a little noodle around with it over the last couple of hours, and it’s good fun for what it is.

“You are a beast hunter, conscripted against your will to participate in a most peculiar local custom: a tournament where participants race atop mysterious vehicles comprised of copper and steam,” the blurb reads. “Wield powerful weapons to reduce your opponents to scrap, slaughter beasts to raise your top speed, perform tricks and drifts to generate Æther to boost, and overcome challenging boss encounters to unlock the secrets behind this terrible dream.”

Given the project’s previous dalliances with Sony’s lawyers, we’re not expecting this to launch on PS5 or PS4 any time soon. Nevertheless, it’s a compelling little oddity, and well worth giving a go.