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On the off-chance you are currently stuck in FromSoftware's epic or like to collect glorious hardback strategy guides, the Bloodborne Complete Guide: 25th Anniversary Edition is now available for preorder. No, you aren't having a stroke; the anniversary aspect refers to how long Future Press has been publishing game guides.

Preorders are open via Future Press and other retailers. The officially licensed tome is a hefty manuscript weighing 736 full-colour pages and is expected to ship by 30th September 2024. It covers The Old Hunters expansion and includes a bunch of additional behind-the-scenes info for super-fans, like a new, exclusive interview with creator Hidetaka Miyazaki. If we had to guess, in it, Miyazaki will likely utter platitudes about what an incredible game Bloodborne is and say nothing conocrete about remastering or re-releasing the tragically stranded game.

Future Press has been doing incredible work with FromSoftware for a while now. In addition to a Dark Souls Trilogy Compendium (also bearing the 25th Anniversary Edition moniker), they put out two excellent Elden Ring guides, essential items that deserve to be a part of a super-fans collection.

Are you a collector of strategy guides or Bloodborne memorabilia, specifically? Will you be picking up the Bloodborne Complete Guide: 25th Anniversary Edition? Fear the Old Blood in the comments section below.