Black Myth: Wukong received a new cinematic trailer during Summer Game Fest, but the bigger story here is that the upcoming action game — set to release on the 20th August — is now a PS5 console exclusive at launch. But before everyone starts screaming about Sony somehow moneyhatting the title, this is actually down to Xbox.

On its official website, developer Game Science explains that additional optimisation is needed for the Xbox Series X|S version of the game, and so it won't be releasing on the same day as its PS5 and PC counterparts.

"We apologize for the delay and aim to minimize the wait for Xbox users. We will announce the release date as soon as it meets our quality standards," the FAQ page continues.

So there you have it, Black Myth: Wukong is technically a PS5 console exclusive until further notice. Did you see this coming? Extend your staff in the comments section below.