Just announced for both PS5 and PS4, Star Wars: Bounty Hunter is being revived. The original game released for PS2 and Nintendo GameCube all the way back in 2002, but this enhanced edition will boast upgraded graphics and DualSense functionality on Sony's current-gen console.

Playing as fan favourite mercenary Jango Fett, Star Wars: Bounty Hunter is a third-person action shooter, complete with jetpacks and blaster pistols. There's an emphasis on staying mobile, with fairly open environments allowing for a lot of aerial boosting and gliding while you score headshots.

The PS2 version was met with pretty lukewarm reviews, but it's one of those games that was really well-liked by players (some of whom will probably swear to you that it's an underrated classic).

Anyway, the remastered Star Wars: Bounty Hunter launches on the 1st August — but will you be partaking in this planet-hopping adventure? Shoot first, ask questions later in the comments section below.