Pathea Games is best known for My Time at Portia and its follow-up, My Time at Sandrock, but the developer also has an academic management sim under its belt. Let's School has been on PC since last year, where it's accrued thousands of overwhelmingly positive user reviews. Announced for consoles earlier in 2024, we now have a release date: 16th July.

As you can see from the new trailer, Let's School is a classic management sim; your job is to gradually build up a school from scratch, expanding your facility with more classrooms, offices, and so on in your pursuit of academic excellence. As well as constructing a school to be proud of, you'll also need to recruit and train teachers, enrol students, and ensure everyone in attendance is happy and healthy.

Again, the game has a good reputation over on Steam, so we're hopeful this will be a fun time when it lands on consoles next month. Are you excited to play Let's School? Don't copy each other's homework in the comments section below.