Batman: Arkham Dev Allegedly Enlisted to Work on Hogwarts Legacy After Suicide Squad Flop 1

Rocksteady Games, the rockstar developer behind the Batman: Arkham franchise, has apparently been enlisted to work on a Director’s Cut version of Hogwarts Legacy following the $200 million flop of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. The London-based studio, once one of the biggest names in gaming, is apparently helping on the Harry Potter spin-off while it works on pitching a new single player project.

The speculation comes courtesy of a sprawling Bloomberg expose, in which the flaws of February’s superhero outing are laid bare. It sounds like Suicide Squad was doomed from the start, as a constantly shifting vision meant Rocksteady was fighting fires throughout the title’s entire seven-year development cycle. Warner Bros, the game’s publisher, was convinced live service was the way to go – but the studio, famous for its solo campaigns, simply didn’t have the knowhow to execute on the idea. To make matters worse, all of the team’s in-house talent was renowned for melee combat, but it suddenly found itself working on a third-person shooter.

While new content is still being released for Kill the Justice League, it sounds like the majority of Rocksteady’s workforce has shifted to supporting the aforementioned Director’s Cut of Hogwarts Legacy. It’s unclear what this will actually entail: is it an expanded re-release? A DLC? Or something else entirely? We’ll try and press for answers, but it’s no surprise Warner Bros is doubling down on the series, seeing as it was one of the biggest hits of 2023.