As promised, Ubisoft debuted a lengthy gameplay video for Assassin's Creed Shadows at its summer showcase. As you'd expect, the developer appears to have nailed things from a environmental perspective, with the game boasting an impressively attractive portrayal of Japan. What's more, it seems to be a cut above previous Assassin's Creed titles in terms of graphics, which is probably down to it being current-gen exclusive.

Anyway, the actual gameplay looks solid enough — although some of the combat animations seem a bit rough. It's no Ghost of Tsushima in that department, but things could obviously be smoothed out before launch.

Meanwhile, the stealth mechanics have been given a big update. Naoe looks to be one of the most agile player characters yet, and she's capable of some silky acrobatics.

The dual protagonists clearly play quite differently from one another, and you can freely switch between them. Ubisoft says that some missions and objectives will force you into playing as either Naoe or Yasuke — especially when things are story-driven — but for the vast majority of the game, you'll be able to choose who you want to adventure as.

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