New World PS5

Update: Well, the leak was right. New World is coming to PS5 later this year, on the 15th October.

Original Story: Do you remember hearing about New World? An MMORPG developed by Amazon Games that was given an absolutely colossal marketing budget, it was a big deal when it released on PC a few years back. The goal was to create an MMO that could go on to rival the genre's elite, but it's fair to say that New World all but fell off a cliff following its anticipated debut. The game still commands a decently-sized community, but really, it's just been bumbling along in the background for years now.

However, it looks like New World could be attempting a comeback in very near future. After posting a Summer Game Fest teaser on its social media accounts last month, the PS Store may have outed plans for a console release. As spotted by a user on Reddit, a promotion for New World: Aeternum briefly appeared on Sony's storefront.

It would appear that New World is getting some kind of renamed re-release, then — and it's probably being announced at Summer Game Fest later today.

Do you know of New World? Dare we ask if you've played it on PC? Would you be interested in a PS5 version? Start gathering materials in the comments section below.

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