A Mischievous Boy Has Leaked Footage of Jet Set Radio's Revival for PS5 1

Mom won’t be getting much sleep this week, because a grown-up version of legendary Dreamcast graffiti-‘em-up Jet Set Radio has leaked online. The footage, which we won’t reproduce here as we’re unsure how the materials were obtained, shows both gameplay and cut-scenes. In one clip, Professor K is glimpsed rocking out in his pirate radio station’s studio, while other sequences show protagonist Beat rollerblading through Tokyo-to.

The art style, while similar to the original game, has less of a cel-shaded look, and appears more realistic – although it’s still heavily stylised. It’s worth noting that these assets are clearly unfinished, so there’s likely to be many changes prior to release.

SEGA announced that it was bringing Jet Set Radio back late last year, alongside other fan-favourites like Crazy Taxi. There were reports that the game would adopt an open world format, and judging by a leaked map screenshot here, that does appear to be the case. Obviously, more information will be revealed in due course, but these latest assets look legitimate to us, and have us hopeful for the final product.